(412) 531-2200
Mt. Lebanon • 315 Beverly Road • Pittsburgh, PA  15216

We dispense all major brands of contact lenses.
Have us professionally fit your contacts
in our Mt. Lebanon/Pittsburgh office.

Current Contact Lens Wearers call us at (412) 531-2200 for quick reordering of your contact lenses.

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Alcon Air Optics Aqua Contact Lenses

Alcon AquaComfort Plus Contact Lenses in Pittsburgh

Alcon NightandDay Contact Lenses

Alcon Multi Focal Contacts



BaushLomb UltraContact Pittsburgh Contact Lenses

BaushLomb PureVision2 Contact Lenses

BaushLomb PureVision2 Astigmatism Contact Lenses Pittsburgh

BaushLomb PureVision2 MultiFocal Contact Lenses


acuview contact lenses in pittsburgh

Johnson Oasys contact lenses

Johnson Oasys Astigmatism contact lenses

Johnson Oasys Moist contact lenses

Johnson Oasys Presbyopia contact lenses

Optician - Vision Specialist - Eyeglasses and Contact in Pittsburgh

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